Track & Trace for Push Barges.

Track & Trace solution for Push Barges. Localisation, history, fleet management and location sharing.


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All-included solution

You get full access to the Port Insight dashboard and applications. The tracker includes global connectivity. Set up alerts yourself for every conceivable situation. Reliable, secure and build to last.

Data output

Can be used for harbor dues and barge administration. The dashboard can easily export all history of one or multiple push barges by the click of a button.

Location precision

Reliable location data make sure the systems knows exactly when and where the push barges were. Together with international coverage – included.

Berth location

The system recognizes when it stopped moving and is laying still. It logs the location and makes it much easier to locate the push barge you’re looking for.

Track & Trace

For push barge operators, adding Track & Trace is a godsend. Imagine you rent a barge and you have to pick it up between 150 other barges in the pouring rain. No more.

Which one is it then? Suppose you have 150 in management and you want to know where your assets are, what is in them and who uses them now? You now have an excellent dashboard to show you that.

Modular platform

Never fill out Excel sheets manually again, you can rely on this technology that works for you.

Encrypted data
Precise localization
At least
5 years uptime
Rapid installment

Great hardware is nothing without amazing specs.


Global connectivity is build in to be able to review your assets near real time*. The push barge will recognise when it’s on a berth location and will update only when it’s being moved.”

International Localisation
24 · 7
realtime insight
* Based on SigFox coverage - otherwise GSM backhaul with daily updates (with full history)

Expected lifetime

The module will last 5 years so it can be replaced during the periodical check-up of the push barge. The module is designed to last in the toughest weather conditions.

Long-lasting battery
years active


Safe and secure. Not only is this product by default end-to-end encrypted, but if you fear it could get stolen – that is rather a bad idea – since it can be internationally tracked.